Why make an appointment with me?


I am an experienced physician and endocrinologist with almost a decade of experience at consultant level. I believe that an effective consultation takes a bit of time so that I can listen to your symptoms and concerns, examine you carefully and make a diagnosis and then discuss the various treatment options. That is why all my initial consultations are an hour in length to allow the consultation to be done properly and effectively.

The majority of my clinical practice involves the acute diagnosis and treatment of general medical conditions but I do specialist clinics in diabetes and endocrinology. I am therefore well placed to treat patients who have a problems which don’t easily fit into one organ system, or who have a number of medical conditions and are unsure how to improve their symptoms.

My philosophy is to demystify patient’s medical problems and actively involve them in their treatment decisions.

I have particular expertise in these problems:

Diagnostic dilemmas

Symptoms from multiple medical problems

Too many medications or reducing tablet burden

Thyroid problems


Menopause / Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)


Hypertension/Blood pressure

Erection problems/reduced libido

Pituitary problems / Parathyroid disease

How to make an appointment

Please ring EPCR on on 01493 601770

Or email  epcr@jpaget.nhs.uk