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Have you had a fracture of the wrist, pubic ramus or hip? Got a family history of osteoporosis? Worried that you might have osteoporosis? Getting side effects from your osteoporosis pills?

These are some of the problems that patients complain of when they see me. I can assess your risk of fracture and then explain the risks and benefits of osteoporosis medication and decide what treatment, if any, you need.

Thyroid problems


Hypothyroidism or low thyroid

Unsure whether you are low thyroid? On treatment but still do not feel well? I can review your thyroid and ensure that you are on the correct dose.

Please note that I personally don’t use Amour thyroid as part of my treatment regimens.

Hyperthyroidism or overactive thyroid

Been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and unsure which therapy is best for you. Whether you want tablet therapy, radioactive iodine or surgery I can ensure you get the best treatment.



Whether you have type 1 or type 2 diabetes, on tablets, insulin or both I can assess your control and give you hints and tips to improve it.

If you are on insulin then my blood sugar email service can help you manage your sugars to get a better HbA1c.